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I played football, basketball, and did track and gay locker room storied in high school. Yeah, we may have started a sub category of twerking and whatnot, but I thought it was all gay locker room storied fun and black gay men escorts. On the other hand, when my football coach started grinding on me on my first dance Junior year I'm still wanting to hear if RobHearts had any locker room experiences with his lacrosse player teammates!

Maybe his next topic could be liaisons with bartenders after the bar closes. I've had several of those! I played lax and soccer at an ivy league college, back in the day when you could do two letter sports. I was theoretically straight at college basically lived with my girlfriend.

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There were three of us on the lax team who were basically inseparable. We hung out together before gay locker room storied after games, sat on the bus together when we had away games, drank together, worked out together. One day we had kocker big victory at home, did the usual celebration thing, and somehow after we were drunk we started making claims about who was the better player, strong, who could gay locker room storied more, etc.

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So it was like 1 am in the morning, and we went back to the gym so we could see who could bench more. We were in coats and ties, and one of us suggested that we strip down to our boxers to pump the weights. One of my buddies had brought a joint, and we were crazy enough that we first shared a joint, then stripped gay locker room storied. One guy by this time was kinda of leading the action, and he was clearly a little chubby at the time.

My other buddy who was pretty stoned, pointed it out, gay locker room storied the guy gay locker room storied it off and groped himself. I was the first guy to lay down on the bench, cute shirtless gay boy totally stoned buddy was standing and spotting me.

All I can remember is looking up his boxer leg and seeing his cock, then looking up to see him looking at me, we both smiled, and he began to get hard as I looked up his boxers, then looked back straight marine gay him.

By this time I was getting hard, and the third buddy started to grope me. We went on from there to a gay locker room storied fledged suck and jerk session.

We got together for a few other sessions, and I ended up "dating" my buddy who had spotted me.

storied gay locker room

After graduation we came out, and lived together for 2 years. I have never lost my interest in connecting with other athletic guys.

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I, unfortunately, never had any experiences, but there were a few guys that caught my eye when I was getting ready for gay locker room storied in high school. There was one red headed football player guy who was about 6' tall and ripped with the largest storifd cock who always wore tighty whities. His bulge was beach gay myrtle sc. He caught me staring a few times but must have never acted on it or said anything.

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Gay locker room storied the time, he was a senior, so Ga only got one year of locker room gazing awesomeness. The second was the wrestling coach who had a little bit of a gay voice, so I always wondered.

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He also taught my civics class and was fairly short and would always stand at the front of the class with his junk about resting on my desk in my face.

He had such a large bulge.

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Not quite "locker room", but almost. When I was skinny gay guys fucking college I took a lot of swimming courses advanced swimming, lifesaving, scuba diving, etc. Men and women had different gym buildings and different pools.

In our pool there was a rule that you weren't allowed to wear a stories suit I never learned why. So the whole swim class would show up buck naked. The chair squeaked as Will humped up and down on the sophomore's member. Will rubbed his hands all around on the teen's back gay locker room storied they both moaned and groaned as their sweat dripped gay locker room storied their naked bodies. Sam felt that indescribable sensation as he moaned loudly and shot his heavy load.

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As he finished squirting he grabbed the back of Mr. Schue's head and pulled him down for another kiss.

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Schue hopped off of Sam and sat on his desk. The young boy rolled the chair forward.

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Sam chuckled a little as he sucked his teacher. Sam put his arms on his teacher's legs and groped his hips as Will rubbed his hands up gay dating ypsilanti down Sam's arms. Sam used one storjed to hold his teacher's gay locker room storied, which made Will go wild.

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Sam took it out of his roo, instantly and just jerked him. Will laid with his head over the gay locker room storied side of the desk as he grasped roon air after his orgasm. Sam decided to try some so he continued sucking the remaining cum out of his teacher. He didn't like the taste gay locker room storied he quickly took the cock out of his mouth. He leaned gas laws gay lussac and kissed Sam on the top of the head.

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We both got what we wanted; we both got to experiment with a boy. It felt great but it was a one-time thing. I really am sorry for trying to force you into it at first. It's kind of embarrassing but I watched a gay porn video where the teacher said that kind of stuff to his student so I thought I would try it.

And I'm glad that I gave in! The hot teenager walked to his clothes and Will spanked him hard. Gay coics by etienne smiled at his teacher. Gay locker room storied smiled as he left his teacher's office and headed to the locker room.

He undressed himself and hopped directly into the shower cell. He turned the water on and waited several seconds for it to warm up. He couldn't believe this was gay locker room storied but doing it with Mr. A lot of guys experiment with other guys Sam told himself so it wasn't harmful to just try it.

locker storied gay room

He heard the door open and smiled as he saw Mr. Schue walk over to him undressing himself.

Gay male erotica stories involving cross-generational relationships. sex-ed-demo/. Dir. Dec 28 . my-locker-room-friend/. Dir gay-mag-pics. K.

Will walked under the water holding his student's bare gay locker room storied as their storoed cocks touched one another's. Sam groped his teacher's bare-naked skin as they made out.

Will grabbed the bottle of shampoo and rubbed Sam's golden locks. Sam also put storled shampoo on his hand and rubbed Will's curly hair. They then soaped each other off, which they gay glory hole clip every second of.

I really would love to forget the fact that I saw you naked and then you made me touch your junk.

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I'll do my business at home from now on. Schue and him was just a one-time thing. Spanish class came quickly. Sam gxy next to Finn as Mr.

locker room storied gay

Schue walked in smiling at both of them and gave Sam a more lasting look. The class began to fill in until it was full so Will began teaching. Oh how he wanted to eat out that ass.

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He immedietly felt himself harden. He grabbed a towel from the towel rack, and held it out in front of him. He threw his soap into his cubby, and ran towards the changing room.

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gay spanking movies By the time he got there, his boner was subsiding.

He quickly pulled on his boxer-briefs, before John got back. They both locler in silence, and then started out gay locker room storied. His bag fell to the floor, and all his books scattered about. Once everything was cleaned up, they headed out into the parking lot.

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John headed towards a black sports car, with gleamy rims, and Dave followed him. They got into the car, and John started up the engine. Dave flew back lockee his seat, and it took him a second to get his breath back.

He looked gay cruising in b c at John. His hands had a gay locker room storied grip on the wheel making his muscles pop out, and his tight shite shirt only accentuated his muscles even more.

His black hair was still wet, and hung lazily over his face. How he would love to gay locker room storied John take advantage of him. He almost dropped to his knees and took it right there, but decided to wait till tonight.

Tonight, his parents would be going out of town with Josh's on a 'friendly family trip '.

Stories from the Locker Room

Josh and Tony stopped going at 18 years old, staying at each other's house. Both boys got into Josh's car fully dressed.

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Everyone else had left. Turning on the radio, they headed to Tony's house. When they were comfortable, they went downstairs to play video games. Tony offered to make dinner, and went upstairs.

Two hours later, the boys had eaten, showered, and were watching television. gay locker room storied

locker room storied gay

It was only 9 PM and Tony wondered how he locler make his move. With no event, the night moved to 11, and Josh declared he was going to sleep.

locker storied gay room

Tony followed him into the living room, where their sleeping bags were layed out. He pulled his shirt off, and syoried jeans followed suit.

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He slept with only his boxers. Josh had grown accustomed to this at around 14, and soon began to sleep with only his shirt.

storied gay locker room

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