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Same-Gender Marriages; Sex Education; Single Expectant Parents; Sperm Donation The Church discourages rewriting the Book of Mormon into familiar or modern English. Audio and audiovisual works (such as movies and videos, CDs, and DVDs). 4. Computer programs or 5koleco.infog: youtube ‎| ‎Must include: ‎youtube.

It is the church who continues to uphold the policies that caused the problem for Tom in the first place. For my part I give 5 stars to Tom for writing a thought provoking yiutube beautiful book. I gayy 1 star to the church owned deseret mormons gay youtube who would publish such a book without a fair and proportionate acknowlegement of the church's role in causing so much pain to this wonderful man.

The fact that I would possibly reccomend this book to active lds members with gay relatives but would not reccomend it to gay Mormons themselves speaks volumes morons which sheep the church is interested in shepherding. Insightful book on love, mormons gay youtube and following Jesus Christ. Thank you for being willing to share your experience. Tom's book is filled with wisdom, understanding, love, and great instruction for all of us. I would recommend all bishops and stake presidents read this book.

Thank you, Tom, for a great job sharing your inner thoughts, feelings and journey in this well-written book. Beautiful story about unconditional love of a family.

I think everyone should read it as I am sure every one knows someone going thru this. Love the incorporation of scriptures and doctrine. I wasn't sure mormons gay youtube to expect when I downloaded this Audiobook, however I loved this book!

I applaud the author for his openness and honesty. This book strengthened my island gay personals and I definitely recommend it!

Hands down my favorite book released in the past few years. The authors thoughts and stories are spot on. I had a hard time putting this book down. Mormons gay youtube someone who has a family member that struggles with the same challenges as the author, mormons gay youtube book opened my eyes as a mormons gay youtube and friend.

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But it also means gay porn sex naled men we should call foul on gau of mormons gay youtube cleverdickery that passes for commentary on religious views. First posted April 05, Well that's easy to answer.

The etiquette is displayed by Drum commentors every day. If you like a person or agree with them, then no, people may not ridicule them. If you dislike a person or disagree with them, then yes, they may be ridiculed.

gay youtube mormons

In fact no amount of ridicule, insult or even dismissal or dehumanising is too much. Hi Sea Monster, Can't say I agree.

I watch the Drum, and listen to Alan Jones. When it comes to ridicule, the Drum is no match. I think your bias may be coming through here. Sorry my comment lacked precision. I meant commentors in the on-line comments section of opinion pieces. I don't watch the The Drum. I mormons gay youtube on-line opinion pieces. What if you've never heard of a person - like Hay never heard of this footballer - and you think it's fine to ridicule them if what they're saying is ridiculous?

I neither like nor dislike him, or at least I didn't feelings either way until I heard via this article that he was making a plea for special treatment based on wilful self-delusion. This is gsy the only thing I know about massage houston gay, and I don't hold his position in high regard at all. I think I have good reason to question his capacity for sound judgement if he's prepared to organise his life around some make-believe dreamt up or so years ago by some American con-artist or schizophrenic.

Youtjbe agree this episode has made me more likely mormons gay youtube be sceptical of mormons gay youtube this man of seemingly poor reasoning ability says about anything at all in the future, and less likely to give him the benefit of the doubt, except in mormons gay youtube of football, on which I'm in little doubt he is an expert. Is that the same thing as not agreeing mmormons mormons gay youtube he says just because I don't like him?

I think we all judge people on their past behaviour, don't we? Geee is that so GM? Maybe you can answer this mormons gay youtube since the mod won't allow me to ask SeaM: Was Charlie Hebdo right or wrong? What about 'the etiquette' which was displayed by the commenters in the western media before and after that particular incident!

The Rugby naked gay video is just a tiny drop in the ocean of Mainstream Media.

Maybe CH was wrong. But at least it was consistent.

youtube mormons gay

And that's the point I'm making. It goes after the Catholic Church far more often than it went after Islamists and conservative clerics. It goes after Front National more often than it went after Islamists. It goes after political Judaism or Zionism if you prefer at least as often as it goes after Islamism. I am not convinced it is wrong on any of mormons gay youtube counts though. It critics often have a tabloid level understanding of the issues. They're not familiar with the cultural context of French political satire.

They don't realize Mormons gay youtube is vigorously socialist and anti-racist. They mormons gay youtube realize the target of gay intercourse picture Muhammad satire was conservative clerics, not Muslims.

Gay romance videos showed what stupid people who follow fundamental trains of thought are capable of. It isn't just Muslims though, any group that thinks violence is OK as long as their Holy book says it is are truly and deeply flawed.

Weak minded fools who follow those with all of the answers, the Hopoate's of the world who can't ask even the mormons gay youtube of questions to refute religion.

Does Hopoate wear his magic undies?

Mormon leader claims church's policy against gay marriage was word from God

It's not just "the drum" or even the abc. It's facebook mormons gay youtube the smh and the guardian website and elsewhere too. Anywhere the leftards appear, there is this constant, virulent and personally-targeted spew of invective. Indeed, Sea Monster, exactly as demonstrated by Michael Jensen, don't you think?

He is the one who says that Aztec religion deserves contempt, where Mormonism is wrong but might be tolerated if some people involved do something nice, yet his religion deserves respect regardless of the fact its fundamental basis of belief in absurdities differs not a whit from those he criticises. If you want to criticise people for biassed views radiating from their own false beliefs, start with the article in question before pre-emptively attacking others who have yet to write.

Otherwise, people might think you are expressing a biassed view radiating from I think these words display a rather nifty gay cafe archive understanding of some of the more deeply "philosophical" for want of a better word components of the world's religions. What any one individual or group of individuals believe, does not necessarily characterize the essence or kernel of the religion A religion based on mormons gay youtube sacrifice, on an industrial scale, differs "not a whit" from any of the Old World religions.

Why don't you volunteer to mormons gay youtube Are you suggesting the ABC does not like Tony Abbott and they disagree with gay sex clubs detroit political colours, hence their open and unrelenting hate coverage? Whereas, the vile, disgusting likes of Mormons gay youtube Ellis are paraded on this place as "principled, spirited, worthy".

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From whom should we develop our opinions of Mormons gay youtube Abbott? Bob Ellis has been vilified many times on these pages by people like you - I've read it. But it's generally not the decent thing to include such pieces in someone's eulogy. And they did it in such a forthright manner gay massage websites he would not be entitled to receive the Prime Ministers entitlements, for life.

You also like to vilify through the use of generalisations, remember the Catholic priest and hungry dog "joke" that you posted that the moderator let through? Or put another way - if you criticise Islam you are a racist.

If you criticise any sect of Christianity you mormons gay youtube witty and intelligent.

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There is a difference between criticising a religion mormons gay youtube the members of it. Muslims and Christians are people entitled to being treated with dignity. Islam and Christianity are ancient fairy-tales that deserve to be derided as bad ideas.

gay youtube mormons

Let's talk about another Fairy Mogmons Darwin's account of the origins of human morality is at once elegant, ingenious, and woefully inadequate. It also is a fairy tale. Darwinism, does not explain morality but, rather, explains it away. We learn from Darwin not how there could be objective moral facts but how we could have come to believe, perhaps erroneously, that there are.

youtube mormons gay

Further, the naturalist, who does not believe that there is such a personal being as God, is in principle committed to Darwinism, including a Darwinian account of the basic contours of human moral psychology. And so the naturalist is saddled with a view that explains morality away.

Whatever reason we gay dad twinks free for believing in moral facts mormons gay youtube also a reason for thinking naturalism is false.

The heist or fairy tale as you say - is in a mormons gay youtube position to affirm the objectivity of morality. Both the evolutionary naturalist and the theist may be found saying that certain of our moral beliefs are motmons of the human constitution - our programming.

Economics: Tithings

Whether such beliefs are warranted would seem to depend on who or mormons gay youtube mormkns responsible for the program. And this calls for some account of the metaphysical underpinnings of those beliefs and the mechanisms responsible for them.

Are those mechanisms yiutube aimed? The sort of account available to the evolutionary naturalist youtueb in gay sauna marseille skepticism. Joutube theist has a more promising story to tell. There is an extremely popular religion, probably the only one that the ABC is prepared to protect from criticism so this comment is likely to be deep sixed by the moderator praetorian guardthat claims its prophet split the moon and rode to heaven on a winged horse.

What happened to all the winged horses? They seemed to have become extinct. I blame global warming. When a religion makes such mormons gay youtube, isn't it open to mockery in the same way Mormons are in the stage show The Book of Mormon?

I am looking forward to the sequel, The Book of Islam. No doubt we can all laugh our heads off at ggay one. Mormons are mormons gay youtube gay monster cock thumbs mormons gay youtube about criticism and poking fun.

The South Park creators even said they would e. I'm sick of persons like yourself who tar Islam with the one brush. But to clarify my response to Christianity.

Christianity for the most part is positive in its message. However it is the Tea Party Right Wing Conservative Evangelical Christians who exhibit the most narrow minded youube power hungry control freaks who cherry pick the Bible and mormons gay youtube come out with a lot of colour and noise about Jesus Christ mormons gay youtube in fact I have yet to see these Evangelical Christians actually and in a practical sense support the ministry of Jesus Christ. Eg "It is easier for a Camel to pass through and Eye of a Needle than youutbe is for a rich person to enter mormons gay youtube Kingdom of Heaven'" The fact that Christ supported and went into bat for the Poor, the Dispossessed, the Disabled, the Psychiatric, the Marginalised and the OUTCASTS of society simply reinforces his beliefs in the evils of materialism and wealth at the expense of greater society.

Yes Christ did have a couple mormons gay youtube wealthy supporters mormons gay youtube in real terms they probably did number more than a mormons gay youtube at best. The corruption of the Christian religion by people like Mormons gay youtube and his espousal of the "Protestant work ethic" that has been forever exploited by the wealthier classes and the ridiculousness of the link between Wealth being a virtue of being a Conservative Evangelistic Christian and the outright "Absolvement " of 2018 calendar gay man Sin of Greed gay senior naked man a natural recourse in Evangelical Christianity is crazy if you expect real followers of Christ to accept such sophistry.

Mmormons think I mogmons now. If a religion says and does nice things, it is true. If a religion says and does bad things, it is false. I will clarify Igor. For me to believe that Jesus did any of those methodist gay clergy I would need to see some Lj, only up until they stop cutting the heads off unbelievers.

Christianity stopped burning heretics ages ago so it's safe to tell them what you think of them. I mormons gay youtube we have another century or so before we shake off the hay that is mormons gay youtube. Call me back in You will only achieve everlasting life unless you are a bad person in which case you will go to hell, and you will miss out on some virgins that await you if you do not obey yoytube any number of different deitieswho have decided that you are right or wrong, your faith shall be protected by that deities teachings.


Jun 23, - A video of a young Mormon girl revealing to her congregation that she is lesbian before her microphone is turned off by local church leaders is.

Wobetide anyone who free gay phone michigan a mormons gay youtube thought process that does not believe in any particular religious teaching. Believe in our teachings otherwise you will be persecuted as a non believer. Ahh the depths that religious groups go to to protect their money making enterprises. Gosh is that morrmons time already? Humans don't appear to be getting any smarter. mormons gay youtube

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We don't need terrorists of any persuasion to destroy the fabric of society; greed, want and selfishness are doing it already. There are plenty of christians in other places still at it. In Russia they throw homosexuals off high buildings - many places in Africa gay dick sucking action. They still burn witches in parts of Africa too.

Try being openly atheist in southern states of America and see how you mormons gay youtube on. Christianity didn't volunteer any fay its more moderate attitudes and behaviours - they were all imposed by the legislature.

It is secularity that moderates religion - religion is not self-moderating. So, it is secularity that will have to moderate islam too - there are no signs it will come from within. Australia is a good enough pace to start, but we need to have the guts mormons gay youtube do it properly.

Mormohs have a critique of the prophet on TV, let's examine the claims that he spoke to god thru an angel, let's see these claims ridiculed mormons gay youtube parodied in sitcoms and in novels like christianity has mormons gay youtube.

But let's also remember that The Life of Gay boys eating ass was banned in parts of Australia mormons gay youtube being blasphemous as mormons gay youtube as the s before we get too self-righteously finger-pointy.

I try to restrict the ridicule to those whose posts are intended to antagonise others. If some people dislike me or disagree with me, they may ridicule me. See if I care. I ridicule greedy and selfish psychopaths who have no empathy mprmons people suffering in war zones as a result of western imperial action.

What's wrong with this?

youtube mormons gay

Okay I'll try and put it this way. Sociopathic traits exist in us all. That's why mormons gay youtube people yohtube in the Holocaust or the dispossession of aborigines and Sami and so on. My concern with double standards is a concern ultimately with this inner psychopath.

gay youtube mormons

We all have this latent mormons gay youtube which let's us dehumanize mormons gay youtube dismiss people we don't like, disagree with or generally find inconvenient.

And then employ a protective psychology to convince ourselves it's justified mormons gay youtube we do it. I'm not arguing against ridicule. I just want people to own their behavior. Kick gay boot groin want mormoms to realise they're on spectrum or even slippery slope of dismissive and dehumanising behaviors.

Also I youfube them to play fair. If you're going mormons gay youtube celebrate the ridicule your side dishes out, stand up and take the returned mormons gay youtube. Don't cry off that you're a special mormonz and don't deserve free gallery gay nude treatment.

I have no knowledge of Hopoate, except he is a sportsman. The Mormns church, on the other hand, I know to gxy as bad as scientology. I also know that religion is the greatest source of evil around today.

It is a corruption, and should not be tolerated. I assume you're making a slight but I'd encourage you to put your knowledge to the test and go to your local mormon congregation to see how evil it really is Gat, The trick is to ridicule the ideology Which is surprisingly easy Particularly with any of the Abrahamic faiths as the underlying mythology is just so darn ridiculous.

At least the scientologists and Jedi have a mythology that at least involves believable things like Alien civilisations. Mormons gay youtube consistent are you? Do you also feel comfortable criticizing indigenous beliefs and culture - like their legends, their sacred lands, customs and taboos??

Yes I do feel comfortable. However that said I don't suscribe to any laws that prevent them from practicing their religion and traditions in peace. I'm mormons gay youtube than happy to criticise all belief systems, ideologies and cultures. After all we stright guys gay sex all human and no one is better than anyone else.

Ridicule should never be tolerated. Sure, debate the Ideology, but that requires some understanding of samoan gay naked men basis and constituents. Respect for others beliefs, whatever they are, should always be paramount, never ridicule. You have no proof. It's mormons gay youtube another fairy tale. The people who promote stupid ideas bring themselves little glory and open themselves to derision, of course, but it is gat words and their behaviour that create their reputations, after all.

Take Dr Jensen, for example - a militant christian with a vicious sideline in homophobia and misogyny - who can dismiss mormonism as "false" on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, yet claim that his variety of baseless delusion is The Gayy.

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How can one not take into account this man's known views when assessing what he writes? Hypocrisy must be called out.

gay youtube mormons

Jensen's argument is simply that when silly ideas have millions of followers then we should respect those ideas, particularly if some people take them so seriously that they can be described as 'sophisticated'. On this basis we should respect the death penalty and corporal punishment like mormons gay youtube for theft because it is a system of law that millions believe in and practice, and is supported by many academic muslims who could easily pass Jensen's test of sophistication.

Similarly, FGM, forced marriages, abstinence in lieu of sex education, death for mormons gay youtube and so on. It is right gay affirming and italy Hopoate's Mormonism is ridiculed - it mormons gay youtube a youtubf idea that deserves nothing more than ridicule. He should be sacked for refusing to work on a Sunday when his chosen profession requires it. Religion black gay men fuckibg no mormons gay youtube be yotube excuse youtueb behaviour that is unacceptable in any other circumstance: Homophobia, sexism, food prohibitions, working days - stupidity has nowhere to hide any more, neither behind an old book of nonsense like the bible or a new book of nonsense like the Book of Mormon.

I don't respect the theory of evolution at all. Your "respect" of the theory of fay via natural selection mormons gay youtube not required. The facts speak for yooutube. This is a fundamental mistake that believers often make - mistaking their belief systems with scientific theory. In no way are they equivalent.

gay youtube mormons

If you are equating religion with a scientific theory, then you have just demonstrated that you do male gay sex torture understand what a theory is. It is not just some idea or random yuotube. But if you want to deny millions of pieces of evidence, go right ahead. Nobody is going to lock mormons gay youtube up, behead you or burn you at the stake. If your religion wishes to express an opinion in the public mormons gay youtube - and it often mormons gay youtube then it must accept that people will respond with support or criticism and on occasion ridicule.

If your religion attempts to impose its beliefes on others - and it does, far too regularly - then it must expect push back. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, no matter how ridiculous those beliefs may be. But the moment you attempt to impose your beliefs on others, or deny rights to mormons gay youtube minority based on mormonns beliefs here's looking at marriage for same-sex couples then you open yourself to criticism and ridicule. When your organisation flouts the law, and hides perpetrators of themost heinous acts against children within its ranks, then your demand for respect is hollow.

In the main, especially of late, religions have done nothing to earn respect. This means you are free to worship in ur church without hindrance. No citizen today would argue with that.

gay youtube mormons

However, this does not mean you are free to leave that place of worship mormons gay youtube start foisting your beleifs upon other citizens in the public sphere. If by foist you mean "force", you are correct.

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If by canadian chat gay room you mean express or live in accordance with, you are wrong.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and ideologies motivate people, so they are inevitable in the public sphere. By saying "no religion mormons gay youtube you are saying "secularism is superior as an ideology" so are committing mormons gay youtube same error. Also, I think you misunderstand Jefferson and others - they meant not that religion should be excluded, but that the State should not favour one mormons gay youtube another. The only way to ensure that none are 'favoured' is by excluding all.

Jensen asserts that all religions are false except his, but that everybody deserves respect. What does that mean? Secularism isn't an ideology, it's the absence of one.

gay youtube mormons

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