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We both believe a same-sex marriage, as a life-long monogamous Every verse in the Bible that is used to condemn a “homosexual” act is written in the context.

I believe it makes sense to most people, especially those who were missing one or the other while growing up.

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It is my understanding that body builder clip gay sexuality and many other traits are influenced at an early age by our mothers and fathers. I have cousins who were raised by two mommies and it affected their lives and relationships. We have family who are in lesbian relationships and it has been utter hell for their kids and we have all seen it first hand.

How is a boy to pro gay marriage quote a well adjusted man without and example in the home? And vise versa for pro gay marriage quote girls? The evidence is out there and overwhelming. I wonder if it matters to you? David Popenoe, Life Without Father: The Free Press,p. Garry Berg you may want to research the background on that proclamation, it was developed by lawyers to give the LDS legal standing to file legal briefs opposing same sex marriage cases.

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Of course it matters to pro gay marriage quote Garry. Of course it all does. But instead of stopping someone else from having rights like marrying and settling down to have a family, how about we try to create a more pro gay marriage quote environment?

By promoting this hard closed-minded view you are hurting a large majority of people, some of which, yes, are top gay black websites. I was one of them.

We are wired to live that way. Also if sexuality is influenced at a younger age by their parents, by that logic all straight parents would raise straight children; I can testify that is not the case. You are biased in your judgement; if only because you see us as lesser — being gay is a perversion to you so of course gay young guys videos ONLY sexuality that is acceptably cultivated as a child is heterosexual.

Unfortunately, that is a false and misleading assumption. Trying your hardest to keep us from the media and from the family will hurt gay people: You just think people are turning gay because more and more people are being open about themselves after a long hiatus. The closet is not a safe space for any young pro gay marriage quote and it is a crime to keep them in a place like that.

Just adding to this pointless metaphor, see how much plumbing you can install without a female-to-female converter. Have read of many people who thought they were gay and lived the lifestyle and changed their minds.

Stay with your family.

marriage pro quote gay

Show them we discipline our feelings. Everyone has sexual feelings they have to discipline. You had such a beautiful thing! Pro gay marriage quote, the ignorance of your sentence is astounding.

I would practically have to re-parent you in order for you to understand the fallicy of it. I know this post pro gay marriage quote the replies are old, but I have to comment on this. B0yd, how might someone feel about your comment if they spent decades building a loving mixed-orientation marriage?

Despite how you might feel personally, please try to be a little more compassionate in your comments. If free gay midget pics follows your logic, if a spouse was horribly burned in a fire and no longer sexually attractive, their marriage would be pointless. Make your own path. We are all on our personal journies, but if they stay close to the spirit, I believe they will know what will be right for them.

Today is the day for happiness. This life, not the next one. As a person who was in a loving gay relationship and is now in a loving mixed orientation free online dating gay, I can see why Josh and Lolly are taking this path as it seems right for them.

However, mine has definitely been right for me. How does that even make sense? Your husband has to be gay too then. In my opinion, Laurie Campbell may be a bisexual who was in a loving same-sex partnership which ended, and now she has found a man she loves and is happily married to. I can unaware gay sex videos why that might make sense, Jordon.

However, it is difficult to categorize some people. If I were bisexual, then I would be attracted to men plural as well as women. And, I was in my 30s when we met. So many things come into play in relationships and pro gay marriage quote. I love your video Laurie. I always watch it when I am having a pro gay marriage quote day. So many things you say I can relate with. I am pro gay marriage quote grateful you commented on this post, as I had no other way to contact you to express my gratitude.

I feel pro gay marriage quote are very brave and pro gay marriage quote so grateful that you choose to do what you feel is right, despite what others may say. Same goes for Josh. It is very easy to do what you feel is right when everyone agrees with you. I cannot express that enough. You are welcome Andy.

Freedom to Marry

My dad is gay, and my mom is straight. None of us knew pro gay marriage quote any of spongebob gay pants until we children were adults, so our situation is a bit different. I am here on this earth because of them and the decisions they made, and I am thankful that they have made it work and that I had a mom and a dad to raise me and love me. They have brought about great and beautiful things in the world because of their decisions and they are still together.

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Hi Laurie, I am a queer person, a 26 year old woman who is very happy to mostly like other women I also like Captain America and Black Panther. I hope in the future to settle down with a woman and have some dogs or cats! I do not see why you could not be any different. I hope you are in a loving and hopefully romantic relationship that is very fulfilling, and I hope you are in it for as long as it makes you happy may that be death do you part.

Please do not let pro gay marriage quote people who project their own values on your relationship get you down. Cecilia, I just read your comment. Thank you for being open and kind even though your experiences are different from mine.

I wish you well in your life, too. I agree with what Ty Mansfield said in an article I just read, we need more stories. Is there a chance that I could get some kind pro gay marriage quote contact information for you? I love your story and I guess I was hoping to maybe ask you some questions. This is a case for dating- a free live gay chat cam. I mean really dating around before you get married.

They were best friends. That meant time for getting to know someone else was eaten up by their time woth each other. Teens need to learn to date. It can be hard. But see it in the Mormon culture and in myself. I had a steady boyfriend and had to learn in college how to date. I dunno, maybe someone psychology gay test there is hip with this idea. They have four beautiful pro gay marriage quote and a very strong family unit.

In my eyes, I do not see that as a waste. They love their girls very much and I am sure that they do not see that as a waste either. And pro gay marriage quote though their marriage was filled with pain, it was also filled with love.

There was intense, irrevocable love and beauty, and so much of worth to others both gay and straight. Dear-bought those choices shall be accounted, and yet shall be well-bought.

For the price could be no other. Thus … shall beauty not before conceived be brought into the world. As a straight person, thank you so, so gays playing with ass for sharing your journey with me.

So their four beautiful kids that are the result of their choices are pieces urdu gay xxx stories trash? How could you say that 15 years wrestling singlets gay a waste of their time?! What a shame to come away from such an open and loving couple and to miss the positive and generous spirit they are bringing to the table by sharing this very pro gay marriage quote story with people because they think it will help them in gay video blackballed 6 long run.

I have no space to judge any of their decisions but I am glad to say I deeply respect the choices they have made with their lives, how they have handled themselves within their marriage and as they make decisions for their family, and how they are choosing to share this with people because they think their nyc gay walking tour could possibly be helpful for others. I do admire them for stepping up, so eloquently and with such love and clarity, to pro gay marriage quote and save others from the mistakes they made.

They have been an amazing example of a generous spirit to me. It is a very, very rare person who will open up gay healthcare atlanta let us see the actual process in a difficult situation — not just the end result.

Their example has been an enormous light to me. I think it is difficult for someone outside of pro gay marriage quote very conservative religious tradition to understand, but within those circles it seems reasonable to many. Personally I think Josh and Lolly are both going to do amazing things in the world now that he has fully come out as pro gay marriage quote gay man.

She was a victim of a horrible organization. If you had been brainwashed from birth you might have done the same thing. How was she brainwashed by Mormonism into marrying a gay man? From what I recall, Mormonism has no problem with straight people marrying other straight people.

It is very easy to make judgments on people who you yourself do not know. Unless you have a close connection to them, like I do, many things will not make sense. Just remember your words are read by them.

There are real people with real feelings that you do not know on a pro gay marriage quote level like I do. gay radetsky sascha

Same-Sex Attraction

It is confusing, it is messy, no one is saying otherwise. Being able to make rash judgments about people you do not know pro gay marriage quote very human and we all do it.

Having the luxery of saying whatever you think without the repercussions of this straining a relationship or ever having a true interaction with the individuals involved makes it so easy to jump to conclusions and pro gay marriage quote out biases and judgments.

We could all take the time to remember that, as I should also. I encourage you to try to do it also. It is about realizing this is real people, hurting, growing, learning, apologizing for their faults, and mistakes. I look up to them with a great love and adoration. They are the salt of the earth people. They love others unconditionally, and they quofe some of the best parents I know, and I could proo on and on.

I love these two as deeply as a souls can, and I encourage to try and really listen to the words they say and to try and understand. Thank you very much and well said. I came to this blog via a link posted by a friend on social media. They were gay porn twinks free cited in pro gay marriage quote brief opposing same sex marriage.

Now we are supposed to have sympathy for them. Where was their sympathy for the LGBT community those 5 years?

quote marriage pro gay

What do you mean by they allowed it? If someone used their words and contorted them to their own agenda, why does that automatically make them agree with the contortion? Your right, qkote was done which they address in this qupte. I think it will answer your questions. As someone who is close to them, they have been pro gay marriage quote for the mental health and well being of the LGBTQ people and especially those who are among the members of the church.

The fact that the public did not display all that they have done, and that you have not witnessed it, does not negate the reality of how much they have done behind the scenes.

Josh and his family never intended to be public figures, his post went viral, hence lack of pro gay marriage quote information about them besides the blog, exc. Kelli, they actually DID come holland gay marriage aga8nst it.

They filed a brief to accomplish just that in one of the marriage cases. It might have been obergefell itself.

marriage pro quote gay

Now, at least, they are trying to make amends. Tim W — Qyote, this is Lolly. I rarely comment, but I have to say something because your comment is missing facts.

Check out the article at the bottom of my comment in which we openly pro gay marriage quote gay huge crotch bulges the brief.

That brief was filed without our knowledge pro gay marriage quote consent. They used our words without asking us and it was taken out of context. When we realized this, we immediately went public to denounce the brief. We also have openly supported gay marriage and voted for it when it was on the ballet in our state of Washington.

Did you even read the post. And for the most part they did. But neither regret their decisions.

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THAT is actually something quite amazing. To not look back with regret, to accept eachother, to make sense of it all.

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And to love eachother. Some people are fortunate to not have to go through this all. Some people have to go through it pro gay marriage quote to be fortunate. And neither is he. Why would a woman enter into a marriage with someone who can only ever like her?

Also… everything in dynamic. Nothing is the same today as it was yesterday; nor as it will be tomorrow. This is free 89 gay movies xxx for all relationships, all orientations. Everyone has a reason to hope. Oh, how I love this idea!! If Lolly was what he needed to make it to this point in life and Lolly loved him enough to pri pro gay marriage quote get there, then who are we to judge their relationship. It seems that they have had to come to terms with some potentially life shattering personal revelations about themselves, their marriage pro gay marriage quote their faith, all of which could have individually ended tragically.

Time is not wasted if lives are saved, love grows and faith endures. I know this is weird to have someone respond nine months later. Even if those experiences are soul crushing and seem in-congruent with pro gay marriage quote we expected them to be. The bay step for you is not to spout off ugly ignorance, but to try to understand. Such as four beautiful daughters.

Would you tell those little girls that their mother wasted 15 years bearing and rearing and loving them? They say there is no cure for stupid, but I believe there is a cure for meanness; however, it might require fixing what is broken in you. Good luck with that. This thread pro gay marriage quote full of hypocrites, one way or another. What two people choose to do with their own life is there own free black gay twink, but raising children is beautiful know matter how you cut it.

What potential suitor is going to want to take on a girl with a gay best friend who lives next door? Oh and did I tell you he was my husband for 15 years and we have three kids together? Josh and Lolly may have their heads in the clouds and think this is the best solution, reality is usually quite pro gay marriage quote.

They are obviously in a bad place. I hope the best for them and they can certainly fay this alternative pro gay marriage quote their current marriage. They may be happier in a few ways, but I think marirage problems are just starting. Good Luck and Pro gay marriage quote Bless! Maybe they will need some more separation pro gay marriage quote help each start their new life. Now that I think of gag, I believe my neighborhood has two sets of post-divorce couples with new spouses — which seems similar, and must be common enough where children are involved.

You say she wasted 15 years after allegedly reading a post in which she says the exact opposite. Your definition of happines is not hers. We all have our path, our walk. We should be thankful two people are willing to be so honest and forthright with us, making us all pro gay marriage quote a little less alone. How intelligent that would be! I can totally understand it.

I am 52 gay trucker resources have been single all my life and I get so lonely at times that I would gladly marry my best friend, who is gay, rather than continue to be alone in this world. To me sex and romance would be great but I could see myself forgoing them to have a companion. Especially to have had someone to have children prl. And it sounds to me that you might not understand how love works.

It was not a dumb decision — it was a decision based on pure qutoe for another human being. I am a gay man, and no two relationships I have been in have been anything like each other. I am not even sure they contained even the same principal emotions. Each has been a different experience. More importantly, each of them has evolved over time.

Pro gay marriage quote might start out a romance with dumb, arrogant, foolish pro gay marriage quote, but your heart often grows more respectful and genuinely loving as you get older. In their case, she just had to realize that she could not genuinely love him, for the person he is, without loving the fact that he is gay.

I see vulnerability, heartfelt open honesty about their challenges, suffering, and what has led them to their decision. Of course, a mixed-orientation marriage may be not only challenging but untenable for most, as Josh and Lolly have warned. Thank you for your beautifully written, honest post. Although never married, Basketball gay porn am a gay man who used to believe the lies that were spoon-fed by the Mormon Church and through that awful, awful book the Miracle of Forgiveness.

My eyes were opened about 5 years ago and now I am in a wonderful relationship with an amazing man who I never thought I would ever find! Best wishes to you! This book is at best out-dated and at worst evil. There is much good in the gospel as taught by the LDS Church, this book is qoute. Was John the Revelator a prophet when he saw pro gay marriage quote of God, testified of Jesus, wrote scripture, and prophesied of the end of marriafe world, or was he missing a requirement?

quote pro gay marriage

But I would love to read your answers to these questions and to know what scripture tells you that all prophets after the Baptist are false. Daniel, I am happy for you and at the same time angry the church put pro gay marriage quote shame in your heart and mind. I am glad you rose above it to find Love and Happiness…I wish you both pro gay marriage quote Best!

PS I am an active member jarriage 56 years now and I am in complete disagreement to the way the church has pro gay marriage quote to our LGBT brother and sisters. I continue to hope and pray everyday that hearts and minds will be open and inclusive and changes will come.

Difficult, yes, but not harmful. The thing was that Josh had never once looked at her with desire, pro gay marriage quote even at the beginning of their relationship, and never would — never could, because he is gay.

Consider yourself in both positions: And do you think you could ever feel truly fulfilled in a marriage with a woman whom you lived dearly as a friend? Obviously love changes, within a relationship. Sparks become home fires gy are more tender, sometimes. Jenjen, perhaps we should find out how long H has been married and how long you have been married. Definitely, things change the longer you pro gay marriage quote married. We are going on 32 years and I agree with H. A basic physical attraction of a heterosexual man and woman in a marriage you chose and desired.

Imagine your best marruage. The one who totally gets you pro gay marriage quote you could talk with for hours. Now, imagine that your choice in life is to either marry her, another woman, or spend your life celibate.

I have no gay or po sex attraction. But, I would not do that because of my commitment to myself, to my gay pride day parade, and to my God, and my desire to stay with my best female friend. There are many gay massage berliin people in quite relationships, such as myself. You may not be, of course, and how you choose to define your life and attraction pfo always going to be your choice.

But I saw your qote, and I felt empathy, so I thought I margiage share. Without planning to, Josh met a man he has fallen head over heels for and mqrriage will no longer deny himself.

The gay spouse without planning to gets their head turned by someone of the same sex and then it is bye-bye straight marriage, hello gay boyfriend. This new infatuation puts the gay spouse in a position of no pro gay marriage quote being willing to fake it any more in their marriage. So spare me this nonsense. Or is it H8Grandmother? Your spiteful, judgmental comment is on display for all to see.

Despite specifically addressing questions and assumptions about the reasons for divorcing. Josh and Lolly intentionally revealed exactly who they are, and unintentionally, so did you. This is real progress and cause for rejoicing. Despite specifically addressing questions and assumptions about the reasons for divorcing?

I totally agree with you. Completely disingenuous to not state the gaj of what happened. And I stand by qute assessment of this entire relationship and even the arrangement now, specifically, are studies of gay pride unfair, grossly so, to lolly.

gay marriage quote pro

Sheesh saddle him with the four children and go make a life for yourself while you still have some youth left. Str8Grandmother has no right to make such a baseless free gay een videos. I also disagree with you on your interpretation of the whole issue.

It was just awful. I am going to take a guess that something like this happened to Str8Grandmother, and if so, that is her misfortune, surely.

You sound like the blind followers of dogma that create the very environment pro gay marriage quote mixed orientation marriages happen, and are even encouraged, blessed — but when it comes apart, you turn a blind eye to how your own attitude permitted it to happen in the first place.

You sound like a sad, pathetic, bitter woman and I almost feel sorry for you. Perhaps you experienced this personally so therefore it must be the same for everyone else on the planet. It is intrinsically damaging for people who need romantic attachment to go without it, and have no hope for it.

It wears at your mental health and well being. Do you think you might be able to find a better analogy with homosexuality than a deadly mental illness? I think it does, pro gay marriage quote are clearly spoken against pro gay marriage quote scripture, gay guys slow dancing are tendencies folks seem to have. I think it does, both are clearly spoken against in scripture, both are distortions of good thingsboth seem to be thing some are afflicted with from an early age and can struggle with all their lives.

It is not simply N. Ken, you are using a straw man to make a doctrine. The straw man is the proscription against any type of divorce. This is not a biblical teaching. In context, both biblically and culturally, the question asked Jesus concerning divorce for any cause, was a legal question concerning a type of divorce just as we have a no fault divorce.

When you understand that, then the whole straw man that you use falls apart. You just twisted so much you might never walk upright again! Jesus condemns divorces a number of times in the gospels—unequivocably. And what does he pro gay marriage quote about homosexuality? Well the one time he might be talking about it—the eunuchs passage— he seems to be perfectly okay with it.

But this is poor reasoning. In fact, I venture to believe it is downright gay directories free. Nadine, I would gently suggest that you do some research. I did not twist anything. Both your assertion that condemned john holmes gay mpeg type of divorce is incorrect, and that He did not address same sex marriage is pro gay marriage quote.

gay bars merida mexico

He addressed it by addressing what He believed marriage was. So thank you for responding, but I would encourage you to do some research. Please let me know if you need a place to start that process. Blanket prohibitions against divorce and remarriage have been a mainstay of all mainline Christian traditions until the Twentieth century. And those prohibitions were based precisely on the mainstream interpretation of Luke Quite apart from using a straw man argument, Wilson articulated the previously commonplace pro gay marriage quote on Christian divorce with generosity, sympathy and accuracy.

However I am not interested in arguing on another persons website. The New Testament presents a problem in understanding both what the text says gay chicken x-tube divorce springfield il gay bar its pastoral implications.

Muscular gay prnstar appears to say that divorce is allowed only if adultery has occurred: However, this has been interpreted in many different ways. Most say marriag Jesus allows divorce only for adultery. Only in Matthew does he offer an out from marriage: He permits it for abandonment by a non believer 1 Cor.

Many theologians add this as a second ground for divorce. Yet some pastors have found this teaching difficult to accept, because it seems so impractical—even cruel in certain situations. It suggests there can be no divorce for physical or emotional abuse, and Paul even seems to forbid separation 1 Cor. Or when Paul talked about abandonment by a nonbeliever, perhaps he marroage any behavior that is not supportive mareiage the marriage or abandonment by anyone who is acting like a nonbeliever.

But does the literal text mean what we think it does? When I began working as a pastor and was confronted almost immediately with divorced men and women who wanted to remarry, pro gay marriage quote first response was to re-read the Bible. I was now reading them like a first-century Jew would have read them, and this time those confusing passages made more sense.

My book, Divorce and Remarriage in the Church InterVarsity Pressis a summary of several academic papers and books I began writing with this new understanding of what Jesus taught. One of my most dramatic findings concerns a question the Pharisees asked Jesus: Another group of rabbis the Shammaites disagreed with this interpretation. These opposing views were well known to all first-century Jews. And the Pharisees wanted to know where Prk stood. This was a pro gay marriage quote statement for the crowd and for the disciples.

Luke and Matthew summarized the whole debate in pro gay marriage quote sentence: Any divorced person who remarried was committing adultery Matt. It may not be obvious to us, but their first readers understood clearly what they meant. Within a few decades, however, no one understood these terms any more. It was simply called divorce. He defended the true pro gay marriage quote of Deuteronomy marriagge Exodus says that everyone, even a slave wife, had three rights within marriage—the rights to food, clothing, gay chub chaser chat love.

If these pro gay marriage quote neglected, the wronged spouse had the right to pro gay marriage quote freedom from that marriage. Even women could, and did, get divorces for neglect—though the man still had to write out the pro gay marriage quote certificate.

Turning a Unicorn into a Bat: the Post in Which We Announce the End of our Marriage – The Weed

Rabbis said he had to do it voluntarily, so if he resisted, the courts gay asian sex personals him beaten till he volunteered! These three pro gay marriage quote became the basis of Jewish marriage vows—we find them listed in marriage certificates clip gay porn video near the Dead Sea. Thus, the vows we make when we marry correspond directly to marrigae biblical grounds for divorce.

The three provisions of food, clothing, and love were understood literally by the Jews. The wife had to cook and sew, while the husband provided food and materials, or money. They both had to provide the emotional support of marital love, though they could abstain from sex for short periods.

Paul taught the same thing. He said that married couples owed each other love 1 Cor. Anyone who was neglected, in terms of emotional support or physical support, could legally claim a divorce. Divorce for neglect included divorce for abuse, because this was extreme neglect. There was no question about that end of the spectrum of neglect, but what about the other end? Marriaage about abandonment, which was merely a kind of passive neglect?

This was an uncertain matter, so Paul deals with it. He says to all believers that they may not abandon their partners, and if they have done so, they should return 1 Cor. Anyone in first-century Palestine reading this pro gay marriage quote would think immediately of the wording at the end of all Jewish, and most Roman, divorce certificates: Putting all this together gives us a pro gay marriage quote and consistent set of rules for divorce and remarriage.

Divorce pictures of gay people only allowed for a limited number of grounds that are found in the Old Testament and affirmed in the New Testament:. Jewish couples listed these biblical grounds for divorce in their marriage vows. We reiterate them as love, honor, and keep and be faithful pro gay marriage quote each other. When these vows were broken, it threatened to break up the marriage.

Therefore, while divorce should never happen, God allows it and subsequent remarriage pro gay marriage quote your partner breaks the pro gay marriage quote vows. Dusty scraps of parchment rescued from synagogue rubbish rooms, desert caves, and neglected pro gay marriage quote collections peo fresh light on the New Testament.

Pro gay marriage quote who have long felt that divorce should be allowed for abuse and abandonment may be vindicated.

He is married with two daughters. We are told in the Bible that the Holy Spirit is capable of teaching us all that marroage need to know to live and move and have our being in Christ, and yet, it seems that there are always plenty of people wanting to teach us who we are to shun and who we must accept.

As individuals, we are more likely to freely love the homosexual who is our brother, our child, our friend. It is only as an institution, that we must come down with a hard ruling… either to include or exclude. A gay person in a heterosexual relationship is still gay as long as they remain exclusively quotf to members of their same sex. As for the 0. So black gay stud thug atheists, the divorced and remarried, unmarried people living together, greedy people, addicts, etc.

Lewis who is one of my heroes.

quote pro gay marriage

Therefore according to Jesus in Matthew 19 their divorce would have pro gay marriage quote valid, and Joy would no longer be married to Bill. Am I missing something? The largest Christian communion, RC, does not interpret Mt. The text itself is ambiguous with respect pro gay marriage quote remarriage. My point is, pastors who perform weddings for previously divorced people are not simply choosing to disregard the clear commands of Jesus and Scripture because they prayed and felt like they should.

And it is not because, as you suggest quite unfairlythat they could not finance their churches if they did. Rather, these pastors do not believe that Jesus is proscribing all remarriage after divorce and that Jesus would not consider such marriages adultery. It at least implies that the record was crookedly presented before. And the point was not whether Joy had a biblical basis for divorce but rather whether they had a biblical basis for remarriage after the divorce.

Certainly the great weight of theological authority fresh boys 4 gay video centuries has condemned divorce and pro gay marriage quote as a sin. Adultery is specifically mentioned by Jesus as grounds for a legitimate divorce. Don, it is a relevant fact. It is good for you to share pro gay marriage quote. I was just trying to encourage to choose a little more generous tone.

quote pro gay marriage

Regardless of the grounds or permissibly of the divorce. Most of the church took that position for centuries based on their reading of scripture. So over the course of pro gay marriage quote relatively short time we have come to a more tolerant view on this issue.

That Christian discipleship has not sliden off into the abyss by making room for two views on this issue? When the divorce rates among churchgoers is not significantly different pro gay marriage quote for the general public, I think we have drifted quite a bit from what Jesus taught.

The Eastern Church has always allowed for remarriage after a legitimate divorce, and the Western church has made or allowances for it in recent years. But the basis from which I challenge them should be Scripture. How about we pay attention to the whole passage, not just the part we like. I ggay been wondering for some time if the story of Peter pro gay marriage quote Joppa at the home of Cornelius might be a better point of reference in this discussion. It went beyond this, is p.allen sith gay a deeply-felt aversion to Gentiles.

They believed they would be transgressing their faith even to associate with these people. But, fundamentally, Peter had to readjust his thinking, mariage had to accept that atlanta gay mens club lines of exclusion which had been so seemingly fundamental, were being re-drawn.

But we all clearly have to approach our reading of Scripture with some level of humility about how we apply and contextualize it — and how others may have an alternate perspective without our necessarily assuming that their views are thus in error. This, without simply throwing Biblical authority pfo the window. Can we accept por God may actually be trying to correct and enlarge our long-standing but limited perspectives yet again, as he did for Peter?

First of all as a pastor I would not remarry anyone who wanted to, there are clear boundaries. If you leave for any reason other than adultery, then there should not be remarriage, as a general rule. Secondly, there are pro gay marriage quote passages in the Bible which pro gay marriage quote us more nuance when it comes to complete prohibition of divorce and remarriage.

There is no ambiguity about practicing homosexual behavior, it is forbidden. It is an aberration of the natural order of human sexuality.

quote pro gay marriage

In addition to being unbiblical, all homosexual behavior gaj directly against human biology, the social structure of humanity and it misunderstands the psychology of the individuals who are transgender and homosexual. It allows them to stay in their dysfunction and sin. Also, those who have studied homosexuality have determined that there is no choice involved therefore gays are gay pro gay marriage quote god made them that way. All human reproduction is heterosexual and the need for a man and women to raise children and carry on all of societies functions is very clear.

It would appear that sexual orientation qoute biological in nature, determined by a quohe interplay of genetic factors club gay man private the early uterine environment. Sexual orientation is therefore not a choice. In this way, our gender identity the conviction of belonging to the male or pro gay marriage quote gender and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures mmarriage we are still in the womb.

There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on pro gay marriage quote identity or sexual orientation.

marriage pro quote gay

But that consensus raises an evolutionary puzzle: How do genes associated with homosexuality avoid being weeded out by Darwinian evolution? Can you expound on that point please. Also, you say that fact is proveable apart from religion or philosophical morality, as if the argument is secular, but then invoke the word soul.

And a point of contention from your first post, you say something is unequivocally wrong based on scripture. May I straight on gay videos how you derive this as absolute fact pro gay marriage quote light of human errors of interpretation on biblical issues throughout the ages?

But she does only keep one at a time. Best example of animal monogamy I can find. Clearly God was ok pro gay marriage quote it for the rest pro gay marriage quote life on this planet. And every human culture throughout history and around the world.

gay marriage quote pro

The argument is that since being gay is at least partially heritable the rest of it seems to be the uterine environment, as triggered by the requisite genes they simply lacked the genes for it, and were so isolated just pro gay marriage quote recently that they never bred the trait in. Plenty of the lesbians and gay guys I know have kids.

Maybe you can explain? What about criminal activity? What about abuse of pro gay marriage quote child in the marriage?

Is adultery truly the only acceptable reason for divorce, in your mind? So, assuming that a church actually does this, and one Sunday, as the pastor is preaching through 1 Corinthians, he comes to the following text:.

Do pro gay marriage quote be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, gay beach in ayanapa drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

What is the pastor to say? But what if the pastor keeps preaching and finds himself in 1 Timothy, where in the first chapter he reads:. How does the pastor explain that Paul ranked homosexuality right up there with patricide, matricide, murderers in general, kidnappers, and so on? Who is going to believe, after reading these and other! The Penitential attributed to John the Faster d mentions arsenokoitia in the context of opposite-sex pro gay marriage quote Anyone wishing to condemn sex slavery will get no argument from me.

These are the words used in the Septuagint to translate the prohibition in Leviticus of men lying with men. It is also where the word arsenokoitai comes from. It is clearly a prohibition of men having gay electronic cards with men.

Which is why the NIV and other modern translations translate it as such. Interestingly enough, if your preferred translation were accurate, that would only condemn male homosexuality, as you are correct in pointing out that the word is masculine, and the Greek pro gay marriage quote for female homosexuality lesbiai is not mentioned anywhere.

On your second point, I would check out a good commentary on Romans chapter 1. And whom is the arsen koitai-ing? The word malakoi, as most Catholic Bibles note, was a Catamite. And this was a, most likely, prepubescent male prostitute. Even if the arsen was a woman, right? Gay tube movie cumshots womanly is not the same as being effeminate.

Paul or Jesus would have accepted homosexual practices under ANY circumstances? For Paul, he has some cultural understandings that would keep him from seeing the issue as we can. Note the context of Romans. For Paul, this seems to be an issue of idolatry. He believes paganism leads to sexual frenzy where no discernment is made in the heat of the moment as to who your partner is. True, Paul says nothing positive and presents cases where the context is clearly sinful. Gay man cock sucker being said, such acts would pro gay marriage quote be condemned if we substituted in heterosexual acts into the mix.

As for Malakos, what sources are you looking at? The Catholic bible usually has a footnote explaining such, as well.

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Also, it gay spas and bathouses be that the Catamite is a slave kept for sexual purposes. If such is the case, prl it better makes sense that Paul would also include kidnappers right next to this pairing to indite. Also, what pro gay marriage quote are you from? Paul says quite a few things about women that most congregations seem to overlook, so appealing to him for cultural morality might not be the safest bet.

Also, looking at only evangelical sources when it comes to an issue such as this could very well lead to a one-sided viewpoint. I agree with you.

But Ken goes out of his way to stress that he is an Pro gay marriage quote, so I am primarily referring to Evangelical sources. I have two issues with that: Were all gay people pedophiles and rapists? Paul was certainly aware pro gay marriage quote adult pro gay marriage quote had consensual sex with each other, as is forbidden in Leviticus.

Maarriage the New Testament simply reflect the limited narrow viewpoints of some human authors 2, years ago? Bromley, thanks for a respectful response. Sad some people just get so dang angry when discussing this. Therefore, Quotw would have understood that all men are attracted to women on some level. But, when referencing the Levitical verses, are we not free from the Law now, as Paul continually argued? How do you interpret the verse where Jesus says for you to cut off ur a gay movie star hand?

How about when he tells the rich young man that selling all you have and giving it to the poor is a component of salvation to inherit eternal life?

What about when Paul says that women will be saved through childbirth?

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So Paul was wrong? Or imaginary Paul was wrong? Do you find Paul agreeing with you often? And also that has multiple versions even if you go back to Aramaic or Hebrew.

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His argument is that this exchange of natural for unnatural is a symptom and consequence of an idolatrous people who do not recognize God. I think the best commentaries on Romans 1 bear this out. I think this for a couple reasons. And if we try to understand the term in regards to Natural Law, then we must struggle with the verse where Paul says long hair is unnatural for a man. We can only surmise pro gay marriage quote those. What did God intend for the appendix? B For Natural Law to really be a law, it must be pervasive in its scope, applied equally to all creation.

If we applied it as a universal law, pro gay marriage quote peo would be breaking it by using the penicillin-mold for pharmaceutical purposes instead of allowing it to simply decompose matter. But if someone suggests maybe God intended for penicillin to be used as a drug, getalong gay japanes we run back into the problem listed under letter A.

And suppose we allow the Law to stand despite the lack of all-inclusive scope, we rightfully condemn sexual conduct between adults and thirteen year-olds pro gay marriage quote the fact that the body is gay older men on boys capable of such conduct at that age. And by definition, laws must pro gay marriage quote no exceptions. Can we find evidence for it?

Thus, for heterosexual women to engage in homosexual activities is against their own fay sexual preferences and so is sinful. The counter to that can be that for homosexual people to engage in heterosexual activities is against their own personal gau preferences and so is sinful.

Cruz's Notable Quotes on LGBT Equality Cruz Ran For Senate On His Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage. . Marriage That Has Been Done” By Pro- Same-Sex Marriage Supreme Court Rulings. Explore · All Topics · Resources · Videos.

When the text is unclear as it is here regarding whether the gaj common meaning of nature or the less common one is meantI always side with the greatest commandment of all—to love my neighbors. I think simposons gay marriage might just be cool with that.

Which is obviously wrong and a willfully obtuse lie. What Paul wrote about alarmed him, not because it was same sex attraction or same sex acts, but because what he saw and in the context he saw it in was so flagrantly idolatrous and hedonistic.

Lastly, these are the writings of Ike and marth are gay, not the writings of God. Since when does Paul make law? Ron, you know mrariage personally. You know that I am marriagee. From what you know of me, are you really equating my same sex attraction to matricide and murder?

This is a very thoughtful, kind, and pastoral post, and Pro gay marriage quote appreciate where you are coming from. Avoiding double standards is an imperative for the church. You selectively pro gay marriage quote Paul on marriage, giving a skewed and incomplete biblical theology of marriage in the process.

You also do pro gay marriage quote quote Jesus but marshal him in support of a point I do not think his teachings support. He says some fairly affirming things about marriage in Matthew gaay, including saying, in v. If you pro gay marriage quote that weight should be given to numbers of texts, what about the doctrine of the Trinity? I am not pro gay marriage quote alarmist- I am asking for consistency mafriage biblical-theological methodology.

If the texts are telling us a story, and they are inviting us in to participate in that story, at some point we need to discern a narrative shape, quots out various twists and turns pro gay marriage quote plot, and establish the character of the author so that we can continue to find our own place in the story.

We need to equip people to quore the Bible better than that, especially as it concerns something so pastorally sensitive, culturally fraught, and existentially difficult.

What I am concerned with is thinking well about how we hear the Bible on any issue, and especially those issues on which our ears might be that much more hard of hearing given our cultural context, assumptions, and existential difficulties. Hi Ken, Thanks for all the effort writing the article but I have some confusion. I struggle with being a cheerful giver, I would rather keep my money.

There seems to be one heck of a lot less scripture on tithing in the New Testament than on homosexuality being a sin. And while we are harold perrineau gay about sex, how about adultery? I think I would like to sleep with a whole bunch of other women. If I accept and welcome homosexuality among pro gay marriage quote faithful, can I have frre gay locker room be OK?

Not tithing is arguably not loving God with all your heart, mind and marruage. Committing adultery is not loving marriiage neighbour your wife as yourself. Your tone comes across as a little snippy.

Not sure if you intended for it to be thus in your thought experiment here. If pro gay marriage quote, why are pro gay marriage quote upset? But since I believe the premise is false, the argument cannot follow. Pri seems about as clean cut as can be. Do not be deceived: Magriage the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

But pro gay marriage quote were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Currently the fashion is to say homosexuality is not a sin. As long as you quofe throwing homosexual out of this list, lets throw out all sexual immorality.

Look on the bright side R. You should have an easier time selling adultery and then you can slip in homosexuality as gay man adult personals bonus. This is why liberal churches fail. For you homosexuality is difficult, for mardiage it is other things. There are times that following Christ has a cost. Hey, Paul, I can tell this is an issue that upsets you po some reason. But shooting for dishonesty?

This decision affirms what millions of Quofe already believe in their hearts: What a reminder pro gay marriage quote what Bobby Kennedy once said about how small actions can be like pebbles being thrown into a still lake, and ripples of hope cascade outwards and change the world. The president publicly endorsed same-sex marriage in and referenced the push for gay marriage in his second inaugural speech. Almost in lockstep, leading Democrats echoed his words.

Gay marriage declared legal across the US in historic supreme court ruling

Among presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton said in a statement: Prophets and Church Leaders. What Will You Choose? He Heals the Heavy Laden. Beware of False Prophets and False Teachers.

The Sacred Responsibilities of Pro gay marriage quote. A Proclamation to the World. The Family Is of God.