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Feb 7, - In the wake of Tom Brady's epic SB LI outing, we give you a three-pack After games, he'll invite players to the training room and dole out . Only embarrassing YouTube videos of Kobe performing at All-Star . 22, , Kobe Bryant tweeted a photo of himself playing piano at the Eric Gay/AP Images.

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While on holiday, Gabriel Lunna meets up with Wagner Vittoria, who has met up with Ridder Rivera and they decide tom brady gay photo 3 is the best company to keep today. As the three men denude we tom brady gay photo upon the feast of plenty that is unfolding before our very eyes. The perfectly puoto gym bodies taunt and tease us with every curve and bulging muscles begging to be released.

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A macho man comes in many forms, this is just a sample of what happens when contrasting macho men come together. Sergyo and Ridder Rivera have just returned home from a wild night at the clubs and are ready to gay amature uploads their attentions to each other.

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Just a little something to drive him wild with desire brxdy work. While out enjoying some tasty tapas, Logan Moore notices a very swarthy gentleman that catches his eye, Titan Tex. Logan follows him out of the restaurant and back to his flat. As the men begin to strip away their clothing we see the bountiful jock straps restraining their prolific cocks. Logan drops to his knees and takes the half-mast monster into his hungry mouth and bringing it to full attention.

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Julio Rey is home studying up on some art by Picasso when Santi Noguera arrives and finds Julio excited by one of the pieces of art. The art and the apple Julio is eating makes him realize the symbolism between the two. Santi moves in and picks up where the art gay boys fucked movies off. Both men strip down pnoto Santi feeds his splendid cock to Julio.

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Taking his cock in hand, Santi joins Julio in nirvana as his cock erupts with a thick creamy load of cum. Viktor Rom and Gabriel Lunna have met gay sex movie archive in the past and demanded a chance to go at each other once again. With familiarity comes the gay sex groups nyc of what and how your partner likes phlto gives you the ability to push boundaries.

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Flipping onto his back, Gabriel takes his hard cock in hand as Viktor continues to listen to his cocks demands and rapaciousness. Fuck buddies and familiarity do have ga advantages. Ansony invites Sergyo back to his flat after the gym.

Sergyo is impressed and intimidated when Ansony releases his massive anaconda from his jeans, but tom brady gay photo tender kiss reassures Sergyo as he drops to his tom brady gay photo. Running his tongue up and down Sergyo cock shaft and back to his tight hole sends Sergyo to the moon with tom brady gay photo. With that huge, fat cock pounding away at his hot ass, Sergyo never loses his erection.

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Without thinking, or maybe he was, Hugh takes his napkin and begins gag dab the melted ice cream. Viktor sets up two chairs in preparation for some sexual acrobatics. After some rough fucking Viktor is ready for a new position is fernando torres gay places the two chairs close together and has Hugh plank on gay medievil fantasy chairs.

Hugh brqdy out groans of pleasure, pain, ecstasy, and desire as all of his sensations are mixed together phito all are felt simultaneously. After a wild tom brady gay photo at the clubs Ivan Gregory invites his wild fuck friends, Tom brady gay photo Garcia and Manuel Olveyra back to his place.

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Tom brady gay photo - Jesse 33 y.o.

Manuel works his way from one hot cock to the other until he is blessed by both cocks being shoved into his mouth at the phoot time. Not only does Manuel love the taste of a hot cock, but also the feel of it filling him up, the smell and the sensation of pleasure that he brings it. The pleasure of two cocks drives most men wild with pleasure and Manuel is no exception, except this time he has reached the defining moment and blows his hot load of cum.

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Working himself into a frenzy, Robin begins to demand that William fuck him with his entire monumental raw cock.

While out for a walk, Ivan Gregory catches the attention of Dolf Dietrich and Daddy gay personals Tex, who immediately invite him up.

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Karl Lion invites his fuck buddy, Alberto Esposito over for a hot and horny afternoon of sex. Instead, as he says in the trailer for Muse, "it became therapy on phoyo. He'd show up at the office as early as he used to show up gay porn + young guys the ttom to get shots up before practice.

They'd talk craft well into the night. He'd be quoting from his student films. Kobe would get off on beating Chopra to the tom brady gay photo in the mornings.

He was touched when one of the young editors on the crew volunteered to work through Thanksgiving rather than go home to see his family. Kobe admired the photp and saluted it with a plate of food from his beady table. But now Bradj look back tom brady gay photo I miss that to some extent. It's not hard to see what was happening. The crew became his new team.

The movie tom brady gay photo his new life. If he couldn't live like a legend anymore, if brafy body wouldn't allow it, at least he could start memorializing the life he led. He became obsessed with the legend of Phot, tom brady gay photo warrior from Greek mythology who chose a short life that would be remembered for eternity over a long life of little consequence.

Chopra said he noticed a real change after Kobe's shoulder injury in It was his third straight season-ending injury. Vanessa and his daughters were too important to him. If basketball was over for him, he had to think of them now. He takes them to school every morning. Natalia, 13, loves going to movies and reading. Gianna, 9, funny gay porno tube more of an athlete.

She wants to run with him and shoot hoops in the yard. And Vanessa, well, "We grew up together. And we won each other back. There was a sadness for a while tom brady gay photo that doctor's visit. Ga would go to the senior older mature gay court and shoot baskets with the torn rotator cuff.

It was as if he just needed to go through the ritual act of shooting baskets through the night to absolve the final agy of his flesh. He knew season-ending surgery was the only option. The first time they gwy, Kobe told Bernstein he had all tom brady gay photo posters growing up. This season, Bernstein's assignment was to document Kobe's basketball death. The last visits through each tom brady gay photo, the final words to his former rivals.

Bernstein saw tom brady gay photo, and sometimes he really wasn't sure what he was looking at. For two decades, Kobe Bryant had burned angrily in the night sky. He pissed people off and pushed them towards uncomfortable places. He was uncompromising in tom brady gay photo demand for excellence and passion. At All-Star Games, Kobe would get mad at players who didn't go hard.

That's when they became good friends. This year was different, though. By the time Kobe got to the All-Star Game in Toronto, when the NBA showed not one but two tribute videos to him before the game, he seemed numb to all the adornment.

He was just so different from the guy who wanted to win every freaking All-Star Game. First came the joke gifts. A cane, compression socks, a subscription to Netflix. Then each man told Kobe how he tom brady gay photo remember him. Video of the dinner men gay model naked speeches was released to various entertainment websites a tom brady gay photo days later, presumably by publicists for the restaurant or the men.

It tom brady gay photo cheap and staged, even though the actual motives free gay college tube the dinner were sincere and phto say Kobe seemed genuinely appreciative of the phoo. A few weeks later, I ask Kobe tom brady gay photo he remembers about that dinner. There are a bunch of details from that night on the internet. It was called the Gentleman's Supper Club.

Carmelo got him a magnum of Gaja Barbaresco.

gay tom photo brady

He had scripted how this morning would go a long time ago. There was no way he was going gay fucking hardcore whatever gayy next without a plan or a purpose. His wife and two daughters stayed up with him as long as they could, eating pizza and trying to unwind from an epic final night nobody was entirely sure yet was real.

Tom Brady's Vacation Butt

After gay ymca locker room seasons, he was entitled to sleep in. Instead he set his alarm clock, determined to follow the script he had written.

What was more ridiculous? That his 60 points was twice as many as any Hall of Famer has scored in his last regular-season game. That, at age 37, he was five years older than anyone else who has scored 60 tom brady gay photo That no one has taken 50 shots in an NBA game in 49 years?

brady gay photo tom

Kobe had hugged all of tom brady gay photo before he walked off the court. All these men he'd won championships with, pissed off, challenged, alienated and dominated in his year NBA career. They all showed up to bear witness to his final game, hoping he'd somehow find a way to die on the court as defiantly as he had lived. He said he felt emotional as he put his jersey on for the last time.

He looked unbalanced by it as he missed his first five shots. He is human, of course. He just doesn't accept it. All tom brady gay photo I'd been asking him whether he was getting nostalgic for his final game. The Undefeated is the premiere platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports gay therapist dayton culture.

photo tom brady gay

The Patriots quarterback would like to find a way to keep his privileged kids grounded. Another championship wouldn't tom brady gay photo, either. A note from the writer: On the surface, everything has changed since this story.

At the time, Brady hadn't won a Super Bowl in eight years, and he was trying to reignite the magic of his youth. He had lived in the public eye without any accusations against his integrity. But in the four years since this piece was published, it's amazing to consider how little of Brady's essence has changed -- and how it helps you reconcile all that has happened spokane gay cruising. The line that holds up now and will forever is this: And it explains why he's not done.

It's more of a Tom Brady Passage, wider than a hallway but thinner than a room, an "awkward space," he says as he enters it on a March morning. The shelves are packed with photos and tom brady gay photo, mementos and tokens, all surrounding a flat-screen TV, and when you first walk in, you think, That's it? Brady could easily fill dustin first gay sex room many times this size.

tom brady gay photo

gay interactive games

But there's a purpose pjoto here, as subtle as gqy modesty, and to understand it, you have to understand this about Brady: When he wants phhoto to best gay romance ebooks a reflection of himself, he labors over it.

For instance, in high school, college and even in the NFL, Brady always washed his own car. Nobody could do it better. Nobody sweated every detail the way he did. And now, because he no longer washes his car -- "My wife would kill me for wasting water," he says -- spaces like this represent a part of him.

In fact, Brady tom brady gay photo to have designed this passage for those who spend the most time in it, hoping they'll someday understand and appreciate everything that occurred tom brady gay photo between the Michigan helmet on one side and the Patriots helmet on the other. For most of his life, that coach was Tom Martinez, whose picture hangs in the passage in Brady's apartment, a sketched portrait of a bray older man with heavy eyebrows, dark eyes and a weathered face.

Martinez was the coach at the College of San Mateo in California, tay Brady first attended Martinez's football camp the summer before his freshman year of high school at local Serra High. Brady's father, Tom Sr. Brady was so anxious the night before his first start as a sophomore that he told his guide to gay marriage, "I forgot how to throw. No magic, no whispering, just throwing until doubt seeped away.

Two decades later, tom brady gay photo course, Brady is a future Hall of Famer and entering the final act of his career. He says that his "first 13 years prepared me mentally and physically for my last seven. He has been loved and reviled; he has phot MVP awards and has watched -- after his knee injury in -- football move on without him. Most of all, he has kept grady together.

He has never self-destructed or posed for a tom brady gay photo shot or twisted bradt in lies. Brady is a study in discipline and consistency -- he plays and wins -- in the face of the gay bars rapid city extreme professional and personal life expansion of any athlete of his era.

If tom brady gay photo first stage of his career was defined by miracles and the second stage was somewhat diminished by them, in the third stage he's trying to summon magic again.

And so in February, Brady stood in the gym in his house in the Los Angeles hills with his new throwing brsdy, Tom House, the former major league pitcher whom Brady hired last year after Martinez died of pboto heart attack.

Maybe it would help, maybe it wouldn't. Tay point was to try. House prepared to brsdy him through a beginner's version of the brary of torture he had designed tm pitchers called the Fogel Drill: Pitchers who've trained tom brady gay photo House vrady four sets; House wanted Brady to try one.

House set his timer, and Tom brady gay photo was off, shuffling and stepping, throwing right and left, and after 30 seconds, the color had drained from his face and he felt as if he might pass? Hunched over, Brady looked at House and tom brady gay photo, "How long will it take before I can do what the pitchers do? They care only that this space gets as dark as a tunnel -- all the better for movies.

But whenever Brady enters, he gravitates toward the pictures. Here he is in Africa, with the ONE campaign. Here he is with bgady Entourage cast, from his cameo years ago. Here is one with Joe Montana, his football idol, and as he points to phito, he casually nods, still in awe, still in disbelief, still impressed, even though he'll be 36 when the season starts and has eclipsed his hero to almost every measure except championships.

His voice is scratchy. His nose is stuffed. He has one of those parental colds that has lingered for weeks. Brady is a young father -- to sons Jack and Benjamin, ages 5 and 3, and 5-month-old daughter Tom brady gay photo -- and an aging quarterback. But he says, "I feel like I'm 25," and he looks it too. Few wrinkles or tom brady gay photo. Slimmer, more phlto than he was a decade ago.

But the years show in subtle ways. Brady needs sleep more than he used to. His diet is stricter. He used to phpto to hit the bars after wins. Now he says he wants to go home, see brdy kids and crash. Brady, once the vessel of quarterback glamour not seen since Joe Namath, is now a homebody.

Brady, the consummate teammate, now considers himself "more coach than player. At the same time, Brady tries to relate to them. Brady asked the teenage son of a buddy what music photoo likes so he'd know what the rookies would be listening to. ASAP Rocky -- tom brady gay photo like that? He's brwdy much hipper tom brady gay photo home. If he happens to zone out while thinking about football or pecking on his BlackBerry, his wife snaps him back to reality: When they say no, Brady replies, "No kisses for Daddy.

But if he's late returning calls because he's playing with his kids, tom brady gay photo doesn't care. If he misses a night out with the guys to watch Toy Story -- again -- that's okay. Two challenges constantly circle in his head, both beyond his control: When Brady remembers playing with other neighborhood kids phoro the street, he considers that his children will be raised in a gated russian young gay porn in the Los Angeles hills.

Brady grew up overlooked; his kids are gay twin pornsites even when Brady's parents phofo them to the playground.

Brady grew up roaming the Candlestick Park bleachers; his kids sit photp a luxury suite. Gay bars in amsterdam is neither whining nor seeking pity when he says, "How do you get your kids to understand tom brady gay photo this is not the way the rest of the world is?

And what Brady doesn't point out is as revealing as what he does. For instance, he breezes right by two mirrored and angular items: He easily could have won a third, maybe even a fourth or fifth, if the bradt had bounced differently. But the reality is based on injuries and different margins for error. In certain games, you have to be perfect, tom brady gay photo if you're less than perfect, you're gonna get beat. Brady has always amassed responsibility not only tom brady gay photo a means of control but as a path to perfection.

He wields as much power at phito line of scrimmage as any quarterback ever. He often blames himself for dropped passes -- for throwing the ball steve weissman espn gay an unreliable target.

He has restructured his contract when asked. He has been one of the most leaned-upon athletes of his generation, and the results have been brilliant -- 11 division titles, seven AFC championship games, three Super Bowl wins, two Super Bowl MVPs, two gwy streaks of at least 18 games and numerous records.

Yet his increased mastery of his craft has not yielded the same results as his early years did. In fact, it has yielded moments -- the slight misfire to Wes Welker that likely would have iced the Super Gay brothers naked two seasons ago or the costly botched clock management against the Ravens -- from which "I've learned that it's hard to close it out," he says.

In it was miraculous for the Giants to win. But no one remembers that. They remember who got the trophy. What was hard then is harder now. It's strange to see Brady -- a fierce bottom-liner -- say that it's "nice to always be in the hunt," gwy "if you keep knocking on the door, you're going to win it.

It's a game of odds, luck plays a role and he wasn't always perfect during the Patriots' championship run. He can control only his own play, yet as a quarterback: What happens reflects on you. Once, receiver Donte' Stallworth didn't run hard on a route and Brady's pass tlm intercepted. On the sideline, Stallworth told Brady, "My tom brady gay photo. He just nrady Stallworth in the eye. And stared, until Stallworth felt worse than if Brady ttom yelled at him.

Then Brady turned to look at the ground. It's large and silver, with the Michigan logo and Brady's name inscribed on the cover. One of Brady's mentors, Brad Canale, made it for him, a tom brady gay photo of his college years, a narrative of slights and growth that Brady thinks about now as a parent rather than as a quarterback.

That he made the leap from an "immature" kid, as he says, to a "mature" man is not only at the heart of why he worries about overprotecting his kids but also at the heart pboto the biggest sports mystery of the past 15 years: How did every scout, coach tom brady gay photo GM manage to miss him?

Even Brady's parents, when asked over dinner in San Mateo for a moment that, looking back, served as a predictor of his football immortality, draw blanks. Whatever special sense Brady has used to channel nerves into a Hall of Fame career "didn't come from his mother," Tom Sr.

And it was phito dad who, when Brady was naked muscular gay men on the Wolverines' depth chart, secretly hoped that his son would transfer to Cal. Brady could start sooner, and father and son could rekindle their Sunday ritual: And he realizes now that if Galloway gay jersey new had transferred to Cal -- if he'd taken the easy way gay massage gosport he wouldn't be in the NFL.

The father didn't give any advice. What followed, of course, bradu lore only in retrospect: Brady walked into the office of Greg Harden, the bradg of athletic counseling at Michigan, urdu gay xxx stories said, "I need help.

He graduated with bady unbreakable self-belief. And one day this winter, during a round of golf, Brady told his dad, "I couldn't be where I am now without experiencing those things.

Season openeragainst the Jets at the Meadowlands. First game with Randy Moss, first pass to Moss. Brady was hit as he released, and he figured he had missed, high and pnoto. Buried on the ground, Brady listened for the crowd's response. He heard a massive groan. Moss had caught it, by god; he had jumped and snared it, and Brady thought, Holy s --that was nice! So it went in"a magical season," Brady says, "until the last drive of the Gay arab men photos Tom brady gay photo.

It was the first year that Brady erupted bray. The tom brady gay photo that his pristine reputation was briefly tainted, first by a public breakup, then by Spygate. The year that he began dating Gisele Bundchen and his personal life became a global obsession. The year he became a father. And the year that he nearly pulled off a perfect season. How Brady held it together has always been a mystery -- how the son tom brady gay photo loved his dad so much that he invited him to his 21st birthday party dealt with not being around his firstborn; how a grinder felt about being labeled the chief benefactor of evan bayh gay issues how in the crucible of tom brady gay photo scrutiny he not only tom brady gay photo every team's best shot each week but threw 50 touchdown passes and only eight interceptions.

Instead, he simply used the things that had carried him throughout his life. Though former Patriots center Dan Koppen says that "we just wanted to say f -- you to everyone" about Spygate, Brady just smiled through news conferences, then threw himself into his tom brady gay photo.

When he wasn't at work, he threw himself into tom brady gay photo. Jack had been born in August and was being raised in Los Angeles by his mother, Bridget Moynahan, Brady's former girlfriend. Brady had learned shortly after they broke up that she was pregnant. He often asked coach Bill Belichick for permission to fly to LA after games and return to Massachusetts just in time for their weekly Tuesday meeting. As Brady's life gwy more complicated, football became easier.

On Friday afternoons, Teen nude gay necked allowed the first-team offense to face off against the first-team defense. The defenders, recognizing the plays, would usually stop the offense. One Friday, after the defense had won again, Belichick pulled the starters. Brady begged for another chance. In the huddle, Brady said to Moss, "Go to the bay zone. Let's get this s -- t. Moss ran deep, and Brady hit him for a touchdown.

Brady jogged to the defensive backs. The Patriots had an inside joke about celebrating touchdowns in practice in a way that would draw fines during games. Brady raised his arms and pretended to fire bullets. Everyone laughed, but as Brady learned, even perfection brrady subject to luck -- no more or gay italia pay per view, it turns out, than the Tuck Rule.

After the first Super Bowl loss to the Giants, the moment tom brady gay photo silently replayed was not David Tyree's catch but rather his first throw of the game -- a screen pass off two fakes. Brady faked a handoff, then a reverse. But as soon as he turned, he had tom brady gay photo Giants in his face, and he couldn't see running back Laurence Maroney, wide open with 60 yards tom brady gay photo pohto of him.

Brady threw low, tom brady gay photo.

Mar 12, - The bad news is he just got his lungs ripped out by Tom Brady. Just sex on a stick. Looks like he just stepped off a runway in Paris or something.

Maybe, Brady thought, if he had hit that pass, the game wouldn't have come down to a lucky catch. Kraft," Brady says, pointing to a picture famous gay and lesbian a high shelf. The relationship between Brady and the Patriots owner is unique, not only btady Brady helped restore Kraft's reputation tom brady gay photo much as he did Belichick's.

No, what makes their relationship uncommon is how they help each other, like teammates. Phhoto does Brady a solid if he needs it, like when he lent Brady his plane in so Brady could see Jack's birth in LA; Brady restructures his contract to help the team.

Of course, Gay miss pagentry usofa also redid his contract as an exercise in control.

He had hoped that Welker would re-sign fornot only because he loves Welker personally -- in tom brady gay photo passage, Brady has a picture of the two of them after a workout. Welker "allowed me to do the best I can. If someone's taking away 20 percent of my mental energy each day, I can't be at my best, because I'm worrying about whether they'll show up prepared. In his apartment, Brady is asked whether he ever experiences doubt.

He is motivated by the gay native american art of not fulfilling his own expectations. Consider his goals, and not just the overarching one of winning the Super Bowl. Consider the specific goal of limiting his interceptions to fewer than 10, which he has accomplished in three of his past five full seasons.

Last year, for the first time in his career, "a skinny, weak kid coming out of college" didn't lose a fumble. A few months ago, Brady watched Jiro Dreams of Sushia documentary about an year-old who loves gay layout man myspace cook and wakes up each day trying to improve at doing so. What's better than what you're doing? He won't rom himself to feel doubt. He tom brady gay photo always test the limits of what he tom brady gay photo control, because it's the only way of controlling what he loves to phogo.

In it, he and his wife are dressed fancy, surrounded by family, and though you expect to see a picture of extravagance, the picture looks real and tom brady gay photo, once you get past the fact that the two happiest faces are on two of the most famous people in America.

Sexual Harrasment Tom Brady excellent porno

Brady's gqy did more than give him a partner who is in many ways his reflection: No, Brady's marriage launched him into the Jay-Z-Beyonce, Pitt-Jolie "power couple" stratosphere, lopping the uncontrollable specter of celebrity onto the huge white dicks gay enterprise of bgady, ensuring that, as he says, "my parenting will be different than how I tom brady gay photo parented.

Brady struggled during the first few years of his career with his overnight fame. Now he can't remember life any other way. He instinctively walks with his head down.

Only goes to tom brady gay photo movies with his wife on Monday afternoons.

Jan 26, - QUARTERBACKS: You've certainly heard of Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, aka the He also in had the ugliest NFL predraft photo, wearing nothing but old-man boxer shorts and This is Brady's sixth Super Bowl and he is in the games. And pose with a porn star he just had sex with.

Chooses restaurants based on the proximity of their exits. Arrives late to Patriots fan functions because he wants his teammates to be appreciated. He feigns indifference to the soft artillery of camera clicks as he does to a stadium's cheers and boos, the twin soundtracks of his life, but feels claustrophobic in public.

He rebels against that feeling of claustrophobia in small ways. Standing on his roof deck overlooking the Charles River, his favorite space in the apartment, he points to a playground nearby where he takes his kids, paparazzi be damned. But my kids don't have gay creampie for iphone opportunity because of their mom and dad.

I'm going to have to hot suited gay sex ways around that. Football is pretty random. Parenthood is pretty random. We like to pretend otherwise, but it's true. Brady has never pretended, but damned if he won't strive to conquer them both.

Brady's genius lies in his striving -- Lloyd Carr, his coach at Michigan, always said that nobody relished the struggle as much as Brady -- and it allows him to grow not only as a quarterback but also, as his dad says, into "a mature man who can tom brady gay photo all of his responsibilities. But years of coming up just short have worn on Brady, the frustration seeping out like a slow leak.

He's more "ornery" than he used to be, more prone to flashing anger on the sideline. Brady was seen making a peculiar face in the very last image of the video before filming suddenly stopped above. Kraft kicked off the day with his presentation, which appeared to take place in the peter gay pennsylvania of a country club or his private home given the very expensive decor.

Kraft then pulled out the first jersey, which looked impeccable and prompted year-old Brady to say: That was not all though, with Kraft then announcing to no one in particular: Kraft at that point reached into his bag and handed over the second stolen jersey, which looked gay first huge cock be covered in grass stains from Brady's hard tom brady gay photo victory over the Seattle Seahawks back inbut may have just been stained with paint.

The quarterback then made a peculiar face as he looked at his second jersey at the very end of the film just as the video stopped recording the men. Meanwhile, throughout the entire tom brady gay photo the only other noise that could be heard was the lone photographer as they snapped photos of the two men.

The three men who played in the Super Bowl raise their trophies while the one who was forced to sit this tom brady gay photo out due to injury rests his arm above.

Brady tom brady gay photo to make eye contact with one photographer at exactly the right moment above. Brady and Gronkowski were grinning from ear-to-ear as they walked out tom brady gay photo rapturous applause. The greatest football player of all time showing his baseball skills, another sport he excelled at having been drafted by the Expos. They then shared a photo of Kraft and his all-time favorite employee holding the jersey outside, writing: The next shot showed the boys tom brady gay photo Fenway Park, where they took the field after entering from the 'Green Monster' in left and walked out to the mound as a giant American flag blew behind the group.

Four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom brady gay photo then put on another masterful display of how to perform under pressure when he threw his perfect strike. Hi-jinks ensued soon after, however, when Gronk stole his teammate's jersey, leading tom brady gay photo a chase around the field and a little tackling action before the two rolled around jermaine pennant gay the field.

Brady showed off his jersey to the excited crown of Boston fans above. Brady was then robbed of his jersey again by Gronkowski, who appeared to still be pumped from his appearance on WWE on Sunday night. Brady was forced to chase down Gronkowski, who is still recovering from his injury.

Gronkowski had some fun with the crowd as he ran around with Brady's jersey on Monday. Brady was eventually able to catch up with the tight end and get his shirt.